Game Killer iOS: In the modern world of smartphones, Android and iOS are the most used operating systems. All apps we use today run on these OS and Game Killer is no exception. But as Game Killer is a root app, it is only compatible with Android. But many iOS users want to install the APK file on their computer to hack game coins. Learn how to install Game Killer APK on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod below.

Using Game killer, you can unlock premium features and get free coins, points on your Android/iOS device. The app is of only 538KB size and installs very easily. Usually, to install an app on iOS, it must be of .ipa extension. But there are simple ways to install Game Killer for iOS that you can learn below.

Game Killer iOS

Install Game Killer APK on iPhone, iPad for free

There is one major difference between Android and iOS when it comes to app extensions. Android uses Dalvik ByteCode packed in APK file to run apps whereas iOS uses Obj-C compiled code packed in ipa files. This is the main reason why any same file won’t run on both the OS. No matter what you do, one OS can’t read the other app. To solve this problem, we can emulate the APK file by creating an virtual Android environment on the iOS device. This can be achieved by Jailbreaking the iOS device or install an APK emulator on the device itself.

Note: Even if you install Game Killer on iOS, the app won’t perform because it checks errors only with Android applications. So, you have to install Games as APK files also.

Emulators are a simple and best way to install Apk files. But as Apple is tight on security, it will prevent emulators from functioning for long periods of time by updating iOS software. The same applies for jailbreaking also. Jailbreaking your iOS device will allow you to install Cydia or X-Code which can help you understand the installation process of an APK file on iOS. Please try with any of these three methods below.

Install Game Killer APK via iOS Emulator

There are popular emulators for iOS devices that can emulate any type of app on iPhone, but they are expensive. You should also keep in mind the fact that any software update will again create a new patch avoiding emulation. So, try to install with Free emulators even if they don’t work well. Here are the 3 best free Android emulators to install Game Killer APK on iPhone for free.

  1. iPhodroid
  2. iAndroid
  3. X-Code (Mac only)

Install Game Killer on MacOS

If you own an iOS device, chances are that you might also own a MacOS device like MacBook or iMac. If you do, you can definitely enjoy all the benefits of using Game Killer original version. On your MacBook, simply download an Android emulator like BlueStacks, YouWave or KOPlayer which will emulate Android apps and games. Here are the recommended emulators.

  1. BlueStacks App Player
  2. KOPlayer Emulator
  3. Andyroid

Once you install an emulator, download Game Killer APK and open directly with the emulator. Also, download a lot of Android games to get unlimited features unlocked.

Writing own SDK

If you’re really desperate and want to test/use game killer, you can decompile Game killer and look at the source code to understand the logic of the app. Then write the same code as ipa file and then install. Use the below tools to decompile APK file:

  1. ByteCode viewer
  2. ApkTool
  3. APK-DeGuard

But it won’t be necessary for beginners if you just want to have fun. You can buy a cheap Android mobile only for Gaming and then install Game Killer APK file to get free benefits.


It is very difficult to get root access for iOS devices unlike Android. In Android, once you root the mobile, you can get some super user permissions to change the source codes of Android. This enables to change memory and data of certain games. This is the only function of Game Killer. But this is not the case with Windows computers. You can easily install Game Killer for Windows PC using emulators. So, downloading Game Killer for iOS is not a recommended option. But you can follow the above methods and try for yourself.