Game Killer No root: We all know the benefits of Game Killer and it’s amazing features. But many Android users who don’t want to use their mobile are asking for a non rooted version of Game Killer. No root Game killer version means the app should be compatible with Non rooted android mobiles and still provide a way to hack games. This is possible with the latest version of Game killer no root apk that you can download for free from below and follow the steps instructed. Game Killer APK is one of the most downloaded root apps for Android.

Note that all the features of Game killer root APK may not be available in no root version. As the app will have limited access to the super root user of the mobile, it can only perform limited actions.

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Game Killer No Root

Before downloading the file and installing, learn the benefits, features and how the app works so that you won’t have any problem when the app asks for permissions. Game Killer no root app is very easy to install and use with simple commands.

What is Game killer no root APK?

No root apps are the APK files that can be installed on Android phones without the need of rooting the mobile. This will ensure that the stock android settings remain the same and updates will be frequented on the operating system. If the mobile is not rooted, any app will only work inside phone storage but won’t have access to modify files/scripts within storage.

As the main aim of Game Killer app is to edit Game file via root user access, the Android mobile must be rooted prior installation of the app. But with the latest version of Game Killer App v4.10, support has been added for non rooted phones with limited number of games working along with Game Killer app. This is called Game Killer No root app APK.

Download Game Killer No root APK for Android

The download and installation process for both the versions of Game killer is the same. The file size is below 1MB, so you need not worry about storage issues. Once you install the app and select your required game, it will run automatically. Download Game killer No root apk full version for Android below.

App Game Killer no Root
Type APK
Version 4.10
Size 309 KB
Requires Android 2.3+
License Free
Language Chinese

Download Game Killer No Root APK (512 KB)

Click the above button to download the file and follow the instructions below.

How to install Game Killer No root privilege needed?

Installing the app more easy than downloading. As this is an APK file, you must change the default Android settings for app installations that are set by Google. By doing this, you can not only install this APK but install many more.

  1. After downloading, click on the file and try to install.
  2. If you’ve installed APKs before, it will be automatically installed.
  3. If you get an ‘installed blocked’ error then follow step 4.
  4. Go to Settings>security and look for the option ‘Allow installations from unknown sources’.
  5. Tick the box to enable the option.
  6. Now go back to downloads folder and click on Game killer No root APK to start installing.

How to hack games with Game killer no root app?

Open required game and enter the desired number of coins/points
The process is similar to that of the original app. Follow the below instructions to successfully test and modify game files for free coins and points.

  1. Install Game killer no Root APK and open the app.
  2. On the homepage, you will find ‘Grant root access’ popup.
  3. Click on ‘Grant’ to give the app root user permissions.
  4. As the mobile isn’t rooted, it will either access available permissions or ask for more.
  5. If it asks to root the mobile, you may have to root with Lucky patcher or FramaRoot.
  6. If it accepts the permission, you are lucky. Select a game that you want to get free coins/points.
  7. Once you select the game, the app will check and ask for permission to edit.
  8. Click yes and enter the number of coins/points you want and submit.
  9. Game killer no root will finish the work for you.

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