Game Killer for PC: GameKiller is a game hacking app that modifies the Android games on mobile to unlock hidden features, accessories and levels. This is very useful for Career mode games as it keeps getting difficult as the level passes. The fun also doubles when we play game fast with increased health, ammo and VIP features. Game Killer App is only compatible with rooted Android mobiles. This is because the app needs root permissions to modify game files. Please follow the below methods to install Game Killer for Windows XP/7/8/10 PCs.

Game Killer APK

By installing the APK on your computer, you can get the benefits of playing all Android games with extra features in big screen. You can also connect a Android joystick to play games with the App. As methods used by Game Killer are only applicable on Android mobiles with root permissions, we can only use the app on similar operating system. Before installing, make sure you run any of the below OS.

  • Windows XP (32 bit)
  • Windows Vista (32 bit)
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (33 bit and 64 bit)

Game Killer Download for PC: Install Game Killer on Windows PC, Laptop

To download and install GameKiller, you must first install an Android emulator that will setup a virtual Android mobile on your computer. You can use this virtual OS as a real one and do all things possible with Android. BlueStacks is the most popular and trusted emulator for Android. So, let us use BlueStacks Android emulator for our installation.

To download BlueStacks for Windows,

  • Go to
  • You can download BlueStacks or BlueStacks 2.0 from there. Both are secure versions.
  • Once the .exe file downloads, start installing BlueStacks by accepting the terms and custom settings.
  • Once you finish the setup process, you can access BlueStacks emulator from Desktop.

System requirements

These are the mixed system requirements for both APK and emulator. As we are installing Game Killer within emulator, we must make sure that our computer is compatible with BlueStacks and run heavy apps as well.

File Name Game Killer for PC
Type APK
License Freeware
Size 512 KB
Requires Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Recommended Windows 7+
Version 4.10
RAM 2 GB minimum
Graphic Card 1 GB minimum

3 Methods to download Game Killer for PC/Laptop

There are 3 methods you can try when installing Game killer on Windows computers. However, these are tricky methods that may or may not work. We recommend that you use Method 1 (via Android emulator) to safely install Game Killer on PC. You can also try other methods as all methods are safe and do not require any 3rd party harmful software installations.

Method 1 – Download directly from BlueStacks

BlueStacks App store has in content access to Game Killer. So whenever you want to download any game, just open BlueStacks and go to the search bar in the homepage.

  • In the search bar, search for Game Killer.
  • You will find the latest version in App store.
  • Click on install and get Game killer by clicking the install button below app.

Method 2 – Install APK using BlueStacks (Manual) (Recommended)

You can install APK files manually on BlueStacks 2.0 emulator. It is recommended that you download new version of BlueStacks to get more features and benefits.

Click on ‘APK’ on BlueStacks 2.0 and upload Game Killer APK file

Step #1: Download Game Killer APK file.

Step #2: Open BlueStacks emulator and click on Menu bar on the left.

Step #3: Click on ‘APK’ option and select our APK from storage disk.

Step #4: Click open and BlueStacks will install the APK file within minutes. You can pin the application to your desktop directly.

Tip: If the above method doesn’t work, then right click on Game Killer App APK and choose ‘open with BlueStacks’.

Method 3 – Install on Google Chrome using ARC Welder

Click ‘Choose APK’ and upload game killer file from storage

Many PC/Laptop users doesn’t know that we can run basic Android apps on Google Chrome browser. This is done with the help of a free extension named ‘ARC Welder’. The extension is the part of Google initiative to support developers by assisting them to run demo Android apps on Chrome. We will use the same extension now to run Game Killer.

Note: ARC Welder only runs apps with low memory and simple graphics. Do not use high end games with ARC Welder extension.

  1. Install ARC Welder extension from Chrome store.
  2. After installing, click on the icon beside URL bar. You will see ‘choose APK’ option.
  3. Upload our app APK and start using. You can also use it to run other APKs from your directory.
  4. Please don’t forget to sign in using your Gmail account when asked.

Why use on PC/Laptop?

Playing Android games on big PC/laptop screen will always be a delight. You can play games like CoC, Teen Patti, Jurassic Park builder etc. You can use the app on MacBooks also by installing BlueStacks for Mac. As there are many users who use computers more than their phones, game killer for PC will suit your needs best.